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Moroccan Original Oil painting Landscape Vintage Seascape Coastal Art

  • £245.00

A beautifully painted view of the sea from the hills above an ancient walled city. Signed by the artist in the bottom right corner.

This piece piques the viewers curiosity - where are the people depicted here heading, what lies around the corner of the road, what have the figures stopped to gaze at ? Alongside the questions it poses are the hazy surroundings. Points of interest are everywhere to be found. Whether it is the ship, the bay it sails into, or the castle towers overlooking them, there's an attractive allure to this painting which holds the viewer in it's grasp. 

Overall size of frmaed painting on board: 16 inches (41cm) wide x 11 inches (28cm) tall
Painted vintage wooden frame depth: ~ 1 inch